doTERRA Wholesale vs Retail

Interested in purchasing doTERRA Essential Oils and other products? Great! With doTERRA, you have the option of purchasing as a retail customer at retail prices or as a wholesale member at wholesale prices. 

Compare and choose the best option for you;

Retail Customer

  • Full price
  • Zero obligation to purchase or sell
  • No ability to earn free products
  • Full price shipping

Wholesale Member

  • Wholesale pricing (25% off all doTERRA products)
  • Zero obligation to purchase or sell
  • Shipping refunded in product credits
  • 10% - 30% of total order back in product credits (LRP*)
  • Free product of the month (125+ PV)
  • Simply enjoy discounts and free products to use for your family and friends only OR earn bonuses and commissions by creating your own business and sharing the amazing health benefits of Essential Oils with others.

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