Bohemian Vibes Tribe - Collaboration

Become part of our tribe with our Collaboration Program - Please submit the form located on this page.

Bohemian Vibes Australia offers a collaboration program for ladies & Interior stylist who wish to receive either Clothing or Home Decor . Please fill out the form located on this page to have your submission reviewed and you will be contacted within 24-48 hours if your submission is approved. Also, keep in mind there is absolutely no sales obligation with our collaboration program. You will receive many perks when joining the program, including a 20% OFF discount code for your friends, family and followers to use, features on our social media platforms an much more.

TO APPLY FOR THE BOHEMIAN VIBES COLLABORATION PROGRAM PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM. We accept applications from ALL size instagram profiles and social media platforms. You do not have to meet a certain following requirement to apply. What is important is what makes you the perfect #BohemianVibesTribe?

Please include the following when applying:

1) How did you hear about us?

2) Instagram Handle

3) What makes you the perfect Bohemian Vibes Collaboration Partner? 

4) Clothing or Home Decor

We look forward to seeing you as our newest #BohemianVibesTribe!